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With additional than 1,000 reading passages, WriteToLearn helps pupils develop the comprehension and writing skills needed for scholastic success.

This web-based system evaluates students??™ knowledge of text, not merely sentence structure and spelling. In addition it provides instructors the capacity to deliver on-demand, individualized feedback. When included in to the class, WriteToLearn is which can assist pupils be better writers and develop an art and craft that good visitors naturally have: the capability to summarize whatever they read.

Impactful outcomes

Comprehensive assessments

Reporting and help

Less grading, more teaching

Between training preparation, class room instruction, and grading, instructors require tools that conserve them work ??” not create more. WriteToLearn??™s automated assessments, scoring system, and reporting perform some work with instructors for them to invest additional time training and a shorter time grading. Find out about the impact of WriteToLearn into the class room.

Enhanced abilities

WriteToLearn offers feedback that is immediate helps pupils exercise composing through review and edit cycles. Over four studies, 46 per cent of pupils utilizing the essay component that is writing of experienced increased proficiency. Enhanced summary writing abilities had been ninjaessays additionally recorded. For more information on the effect of WriteToLearn within the class, read our complete effectiveness report.

Overview Composing

Pupils summarize reading passages within their words that are own the reading comprehension part of WriteToLearn compares their writing to your text. Automatic scoring provides pupils feedback that is immediate their content protection of every part. Additionally they get feedback about technical aspects, including copying through the text, spelling, repetition, and inclusion of unimportant information.

Essay Composing

The essay element of WriteToLearn mirrors the way in which instructors grade essays: It pursuit of a match between your essay it self and requirements for the grade that is appropriate rating. WriteToLearn assesses the information of a essay, along with technical facets of writing. Whenever pupils distribute their writing, the system instantly steps its meaning. After that it compares the essay towards the training essays and searches for similarities.


WriteToLearn assists pupils develop and master term knowledge. The addition of adaptive vocabulary exercises within reading passages makes WriteToLearn a literacy instruction tool that is comprehensive.

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English language learning

WriteToLearn provides English language learners the opportunity to concentrate on fundamental writing abilities while enhancing reading comprehension and expanding their language. The platform includes integrated language help tools and instructional features to create language proficiency within the class.

Pupil reporting

As pupils take part in assigned tasks, they get personalized feedback, tips, and suggestions to guide their progress. The pupil scoreboard provides instant feedback on their essays. It shows a summary of the scores that are current staying submissions, modification progress, and how close these are typically to moving. Pupils have personalized feedback using the pupil scoreboard report, as well as can make reference to these scores because they work to boost their next draft.

Instructor reporting

You can find seven key reporting functions for instructors. The class scoreboard shows the average performance of a course for one or maybe more tasks. An overview report shows at-a-glance information on specific class and student performance. This report permits instructors to quickly access class performance and spot typical weaknesses. Beyond these collective reports, instructors can view student that is individual, project performance, composing portfolios, vocabulary workouts, and much more.

Integrated rubrics

WriteToLearn includes four forms of rubrics and essay prompts. The rubric that is overall pupil essays with an individual score predicated on a standard impression of composing performance. The six-trait rubric scores six traits of top-notch writing. The four-trait ELL rubric centers around scoring and accelerating language abilities. The university and career readiness rubric measures performance criteria needed for high rate learning.

Incorporated help tools

WriteToLearn??™s scoring parameters and help tools may be modified, enabling instructors to change moving thresholds and tailor the degree of assist with the requirements of every pupil. Composing hints and tips stress crucial some ideas pupils might have missed while reading, and guided essay guidelines and summary tips assist students scaffold the writing procedure. An embedded dictionary, highlighting, word forecast, and interpretation tools offer extra help for diverse classrooms.

Our assortment of system guides, situation studies, and reports shall help you discover and master WriteToLearn.

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WriteToLearn supports the faculty and profession readiness criteria and states??™ accountability measures along with capital needs for Title we, Title III, and TIP programs. Find out more about exactly just just how WriteToLearn aligns to requirements that support greater learning.

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